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Learning Spanish in Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Our School was founded in 1992. The name’s origin is from the ancient Maya-Quiche meaning “place among valleys.” XINABAJUL is the Old Mayan name for Huehuetenango, the pronunciation is: Shin-a-bah-hool. The main goals of our School are to provide work for teachers and families from Huehuetenango , and to provide quality Spanish language instruction to our students. Our school offers a friendly and relaxed environment. We are located in a beautiful building in a tranquil and safe neighborhood. We are in close walking distance from the main bus terminal, Pais (supermarket), and the central park. The school is open year round.

About Huehuetenango

And things to do here

Huehuetenango, located in the western highlands of Guatemala, is a place off the tourist trail. This makes it a great place to be fully immersed in Spanish without the temptations to speak English that you might face in the touristy areas of Guatemala such as Atitlan. Still, there is plenty to do.

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Teaching Method

One on one instruction

Our teaching methods are adaptable to any level of Spanish a student may have. We offer individual instruction. A typical schedule includes 4 hours of study per day, 5 days a week. Our 4 hour day is broken into halves. You will have a different teacher for the first and second half with tailored instruction per session.

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